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The meditation with Laura was long ago but I can still sense the memories of it in my body. The insight that day was so deep. I was really feeling it in my body, and watching my life like a play from a newfound point of view. I watch myself performing every moment, creating from my heart with ease, joy, and lightness.

this experience gave me the information that I was looking for: the information that comes from inside me, from my soul. My heart is really full of gratitude. It is divine."

Maria Pia Aradas


Working with Laura was a deeply powerful experience that not only transformed my physical space but also transformed the relationship I have with myself. My work with Laura led me to see how I held onto material items that didn't serve me or reflect who I was anymore. I felt relieved and energized in the days after.

I committed an act of self love by working with Laura. It's a new lifestyle that I've welcomed into my life and I couldn't have done it without her expertise and incredible talent of transforming space and healing."

Ali Levin

LAURA E_28423.jpg

Laura’s session was simply blissful. Her presence is like a warm and encouraging beam of light.  Despite the anxiety I was feeling I quickly dropped into a quiet state of peaceful observation that I had been longing for in my meditation practice."


Alex Beckham

"Laura is able to hold space in an especially gentle way. No pressure, no judgment, no restriction, allowing everything and nothing to move through you. Be prepared for a soothing yet thorough clearing, inside and out."

Stephanie Greenslade

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