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Casa Siento is a home for feeling your nature, more than a gathering space, Casa Siento is a sanctuary for chosen family. Bridging the wisdom of the North and the South, it stands as an ancestral healing home where we gather in the heart to embrace the truth of our being. Within the embrace of familia, we honor the earth and ancestral wisdom—a sacred space where community, personal growth, and healing intertwine.

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Casa means home, siento means feeling.

The world is linked together through Love and gratitude. Love and gratitude are fundamental principles of nature, at the end of its long journey through the cosmos water arrived to the earth with love and gratitude in its bosom.
- The hidden Messages in Water 

Casa Siento is a place to feel gratitude for all that is in our lives, to learn to see our stories and those of our relations with love.

Here we are inspired to listen deeply to discover the truths within ourselves. We do so by sitting in ceremony, belonging in the circle, and weaving together the stories of our souls. We call that familia


In Casa Siento we heal ourselves weaving together as familia. When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable, we connect, we belong, we heal.

Casa Siento is a place shaped around the intention to return back home to the elements. Here we work to reestablish and rebuild our relationship to this earth, in order to walk with harmony and balance. 

Here we discover the truths within, to come closer to our hearts and to the wholeness that is already there. 

We learn to walk forward feeling the support of all of those who came before us. We learn that to uncover our direction is to reach into our roots: We grow rooted into who we are.


Casa Siento serves as a bridge to help weave together the wisdom from the North and the South helping you find your perfect place in the heart. 

In Casa Siento we feel the magic of the unfolding of the present moment and how it reveals itself to us in circles. 

In Casa Siento we have the opportunity to sit in prayer with Ancestral Medicines guided by the traditions of the South, to sit in gratitude for the strength that allows us to soar above obstacles on our path and continue our Sacred Journey of Life in harmony.

Casa Siento is committed to the healing of its family, if there is something that we can't help support with, we help you connect to the web of beautiful practitioners that could offer you support.  

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