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Meet Laura


I'm Laura Escalante, also known as Warmi Ebano. I am a Dominican Taino ceremonialist, curandera, moon dancer, vision quester and intuitive space healer. My journey began in the eclectic blend of Dominican Republic and New York City cultures, where I developed a deep appreciation for the rhythms of life and the interconnectedness of all beings.


Guided by Sumak Kawsay, the art of good living, taught by my elders, I now serve as a space healer and heart wisdom sharer. Through spending time in nature and connecting with the elements, I've discovered a profound source of support on my journey toward living a life of harmony and balance. This connection to the natural world is at the core of my practice, and it's what I strive to share with others.

Drawing from my experiences with the Arahuacos in Colombia and my reverence for the natural world, I create spaces that honor the elements and reflect your inner truth and divine wisdom. By harmonizing your environment with the natural rhythms of the earth, I help you cultivate a sense of peace, balance, and vitality in your life.

In addition to my healing work, I host healing circles in New York City, providing a sacred space for community connection, support, and collective healing.

With a global clientele spanning New York City, California, Medellin, and Tampa, I bring an intuitive approach to space healing, decluttering homes and lives to invite in renewed energy and aliveness.

I'm honored to walk this path alongside you.

Con todo el amor,

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