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Wed, Aug 09


Casa Siento

Igniting the Inner Chantico: Embracing the Fire Within

Ignite your inner fire and embrace the nurturing aspects within you. Join us for a transformative journey of empowerment and connection.

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Igniting the Inner Chantico: Embracing the Fire Within
Igniting the Inner Chantico: Embracing the Fire Within

Time & Location

Aug 09, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Casa Siento, 97 Stuyvesant Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, USA

About the event

Dearest Family, 

We are honored and delighted to invite you to a very special and transformative workshop which is a unique opportunity to learn from and be guided by our Mexica sisters, who are the guardians of sacred rituals and have personal, lived experiences with Chantico. They are a group of remarkable women who sustain and care for a moon dance altar, bringing ancient wisdom and traditions to share with our community.

Workshop Overview: 

In this workshop, you will have the privilege of learning directly from our Mexica sisters about the significance of Chantico, the Mexica divinity of the familial hearth, and her role as a protector and keeper of the fire. They will share their personal experiences and connections with Chantico, offering you a deeper understanding of the cultural and mythological significance of this sacred entity.

We will also explore the concept of the home as a sanctuary, where the kitchen fire represents not only physical warmth but also emotional nourishment. By acknowledging the significance of the familial hearth, you will be inspired to create a space that fosters love, understanding, and support within your family.

Additionally, we will delve into the wisdom passed down through generations, acknowledging the powerful connection to your lineage and the knowledge imparted by your ancestors. You will have the chance to share your family stories and traditions associated with the hearth, celebrating and preserving the legacy of your heritage.

As a centerpiece of our workshop, we will partake in a sacred fire ceremony to honor Chantico and the symbolic representation of fire. This ceremony will provide a profound experience of unity and interconnectedness, where you can offer your intentions and gratitude to the fire, strengthening your connection with your inner fire and the hearth of your home.

In this work shop you will receive: 

  1. Ancient Wisdom from Mexica Sisters: Our Mexica sisters bring with them a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations. You will be captivated by their stories and teachings, gaining a profound appreciation for the traditions that have been lovingly preserved.
  2. Sacred Fire Ritual: As guardians of sacred rituals, our Mexica sisters will lead us in an authentic ceremony that honor Chantico and the symbolism of fire. This ceremony will provide a profound experience of unity and interconnectedness, we will offer our intentions and gratitude to the fire, forging a deeper connection with your own inner fire and the hearth of your home.
  3. Personal Reflections: Throughout the workshop, you will be encouraged to reflect on your own experiences and connect with your inner strength and nurturing aspects. The Mexica sisters will guide you in exploring your relationship with the fire within and the one that holds your home.
  4. Sacred Fire Tools: We will provide you with symbolic sacred fire tools that represent the essence of fire and its role in the familial hearth. These tools will be used during our sacred fire ceremony, helping you connect with the ancient wisdom of Chantico.
  5. Ceremonial Items: We have prepared ceremonial items for the sacred fire ceremony, allowing you to express your intentions and gratitude through offerings to the symbolic fire. These items will help create a meaningful and powerful experience during our ceremony.
  6. Moon Dance Altar: You will have the unique opportunity to witness and learn about the moon dance altar, lovingly maintained by our Mexica sisters. This altar holds great spiritual significance and serves as a beautiful representation of the sacredness of Chantico and the hearth. 

Note of Respect: 

We want to emphasize that this workshop is designed with the utmost respect for the cultural heritage and traditions associated with Chantico and the Mexica sisters' wisdom. The focus is on embracing the symbolism of fire, the nurturing qualities within, and creating a harmonious home environment. This is not a smudging workshop. 

As part of the workshop, we have arranged for all the necessary materials to help you connect with the essence of fire and its significance in your life. These materials will aid you in starting and maintaining the symbolic fire of your home, representing the hearth and the nurturing aspects within you.

This includes: 

  • Sahumador
  • Bandana 
  • Bag from a loom in Mexico
  • Charcoal 
  • Ocote (tree resin)
  • Matches 
  • Copal 

What to bring:

  • Fruits
  • Seeds 
  • Flowers
  • Soil from your home (have this be from your garden or a plant).
  • Agua viva (water from a live water source or water from your home).
  • Skirt to wear 

We wholeheartedly invite you to be a part of this profound and empowering experience. Together, we will delve into the sacredness of Chantico, connect with our inner fire, and learn from the guardians of sacred rituals.

Casa Siento extends a heartfelt welcome to our esteemed Mexica sisters, guardians of sacred rituals, as they grace our home with their presence. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between ancestral wisdom and the families in the North. Through this connection, we open ourselves to the possibility of discovering and embracing deeper aspects within ourselves. Join us in this profound journey of cultural exchange and self-discovery. Let us ignite the inner Chantico within each of us and create a harmonious hearth within our hearts and homes.

Please reserve your spot as soon as possible, as space is limited due to the materials that we have available. We look forward to welcoming you with open hearts and minds as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Con todo el amor, 

Laura, Azucena Iztliocelotl, Adriana Citlalinicue, Karla Ocelocuauhtli, Sol Xiuh XochiMazatl and Drea XiuhQuetzal


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